Light Therapy

We offer narrow band Ultraviolet B light treatments for disorders such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Eczema. There are many uses for Narrow Band UVB light and your provider can make recommendations. Most patients require coming to the office several times per week for months to get their condition under control. The advantages of light therapy include avoiding taking oral pills or shots that can be expensive and have other pros and cons.

Photodynamic Therapy or “Blue Light” is a service we offer to treat actinic keratosis or “pre-cancers”. This is an in office procedure that usually requires the patient to be in the office for 2-3 hours. Their skin is usually prepped by cleaning it aggressively with acetone (removes the oil), then the Levulan Kerastick (medication) is applied to the affected area. The Levulan then “incubates” in the skin for about an hour. After this incubation period, the patient is then exposed to the “Blue Light” wearing protective glasses for about 17 minutes. During the “Blue Light” exposure, the patient may experience burning, stinging and discomfort that may range from mild to severe depending on the amount of sun damage and the patient’s own skin reaction. After the procedure, the patient is advised to avoid sun exposure for 2-3 days after as any sun exposure can intensify the reaction. This procedure is often repeated in 1 month to maximize the results. This procedure is often covered by insurance.

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